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Religious / Spiritual Jewelry
Religious / Spiritual Jewelry
Since the ancient times, jewelry has been a popular way to express one’s beliefs. A beautifully crafted spiritual jewelry adds special meaning to our personal style and makes a great, thoughtful gift to our loved ones. Browse our eclectic collection of religious and spiritual jewelry, including pendants, earrings and rings, and find a piece that speaks to you.
Be transported back into the ancient Egypt with this meticulously hand-crafted Scarabeaus pendent. Worshiped as a symbol of eternity, resurrection and rebirth, scarabeaus embodies the journey of the sun, gloriously rising every day after the journey in the darkness of the underworld.
Although the Crescent Moon and Star symbol has been commonly associated with the Islamic tradition, its history dates back to the ancient Byzantine, Greek and Central Asian cultures, until it was adopted by the Ottoman Empire, and eventually came to represent the Muslim culture. Browse our collection and choose an elegant gold crescent moon and star pendant, a pair of silver or gold crescent moon and star earrings, or a subtly shimmering Islamic pendant with beautifully crafted diamond crescent and moon.
The cross is the best known symbol of Christianity, but long before that, it had been used around the ancient world as a sacred emblem and the representation of four cardinal points: north, south, east, and west. Over the centuries, the Christian cross has taken many shapes and forms and came to symbolize Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. View our gallery of cross necklaces for women and men to find a classic gold cross necklace or a graceful gemstone cross pendant. Or consider a side cross necklace with a sideways cross pendant, to make your spiritual piece of jewelry even more unique.
Since antiquity, lotus has been a divine symbol in Asian religions. The lotus plant is rooted in muddy bottom of ponds, but its flowers rise above the surface. In Buddhism, this growth represents spiritual progress. In Hinduism, the lotus symbolizes divinity, prosperity, and spiritual liberation. A lotus necklace is a beautiful example of spiritual jewelry and can make a great and thoughtful gift. View our selection of lotus jewelry and choose a perfect piece from elegant lotus flower pendant necklaces, such as a gold lotus pendant or a diamond lotus pendant, and take a spiritual journey into the world of ancient protection jewelry.
Also known as the Endless Knot or the Eternity Knot, the Love Knot is an ancient sign found in many cultures worldwide. It is regarded as the perfect symbol of never ending love. It is depicted as an interlocking pattern of the number 8 – which also represents infinity. Love knot jewelry is a great way to express the depth and strength of your relationship – be it through a love knot necklace or a pair of love knot earrings. To make this profound theme shine even brighter, consider a diamond love knot – the ultimate expression of love’s eternal strength.
Om – or Aum – is a sacred syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is intoned at the beginning and end of mantras and readings. The three sounds – a, u and m – symbolize the beginning, duration, and dissolution of the universe. View our collection of Om jewelry and find a piece that speaks to you, such as an Om necklace, an Om charm or a pair of Om earrings – also perfect ideas for original gifts. Choose a classic gold Om pendant (sometimes called “Aum” pendant) or an Om/Aum pendant adorned with diamonds, and attain the bliss and contentment the Om symbol promises.
This six-pointed star is a universal symbol of Judaism, with the two interlocking triangles representing the dichotomies of human nature: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. It was commonly inscribed on amulets as a protective sign, symbolizing God's rule over the universe in all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. The Star of David jewelry is a beautiful expression of Jewish pride and resilience – view our collection featuring Star of David pendant necklaces, including diamond Star of David jewelry. Find an impressive Star of David necklace and give this beautiful pendant to someone special.
The well-known Yin Yang symbol, depicted as a circle filled with interlocking black-and-white shapes, illustrates the ancient notion of polar opposites that coexist in the universe as interdependent forces. Its eye-catching and thought-provoking design makes is a great theme for statement jewelry. Find this ancient wisdom in our collection of Yin Yang pieces – choose an charming Yin Yang necklace as a thoughtful, original gift for your friend or a loved one or pick a Yin Yang pendant as a blissful treat for yourself.

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